Products & Services

Products & Services

In order to see an Africa where young professionals of high integrity excel in their careers and are leading initiatives to transform the society within which they operate, COME believes that these young professionals must be empowered.
COME has therefore developed eight (8) flagship service based products through which young professionals are trained and empowered. These services are classified into six categories as stated below.


COME provides extensive training programmes including the Excellence through Campus Empowered Leadership (EXCEL) models for campuses, seminars or workshops as well as training of institutions

Mentoring Programmes

Mentorship is an effective tool in achieving the desired quality in young leaders. COME offers various models of mentorship such as traditional mentoring, group mentoring, team mentoring, and peer mentoring.

Consulting & Advisory

As a dynamic organization, COME believes in the value of research and innovation. Hence the Centre offers consultancy, and resource development (knowledge products) to organization.

Missions & Social Action

As a dynamic organization, COME believes in the value of sharing and impacting the society. For that reason, the Center for Outreach, Mentorship, and Empowerment organized various mission and social action.

Exchange Programmes

Exchange Programmes are one of the key product offers by COME through which both male and female are offered the same opportunities (Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI))

Leadership Development

COME provides various training through the EXCEL models for campuses, LEAD seminars/workshops, in-house capacity buiding/ management training for institutions.

Our Commitment

We are committed to:
1. Developing and tapping trapped talents to serve and lead.
2. Shaping visions.
3. Preparing Africa’s students and young professionals for eternity.