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Disrupting the Status Quo (Addis Ababa-Ethiopia)

Disrupting the Status Quo (Addis Ababa-Ethiopia)

A Movement is emerging across the continent. A coalition of young men and women who are bent on DISRUPTING THE STATUS QUO. Our work this past week was focused on students and young professionals who happen to be the Alumini group of the Colleges and Universities within Central Africa. We spent a minimum of 8 hours daily: educating, empowering and mentoring them to find solutions in their quest to impact their communities, countries and the continent through the vehicle of CAMPUS MINISTRIES. Areas of focus: leadership development, mentorship and outreach.

The above key areas of interest are in keeping with our ideals at Center for Outreach, Mentorship & Empowerment:

Our Vision:
An Africa where young professionals of high integrity excel in their careers, leading initiatives of services to transform society.

Our Mission
To empower students and young professionals through leadership development, mentorship, research and outreach

We want to report to you all that God heard your prayers on our behalf. Something is happening on the continent and it takes the eye of faith to see what the Lord is doing.